Love Trails (Installation & Performance)

Love Trails (Installation & Performance)

Love Trails, an Installation and Audience Performance by Tara DePorte, 2007, Delores Park, San Francisco

Love Trails-built of sand, gravel, soil, glass and live plant material-takes the soon-to-be married couple through a blind tour of the obstacles, smooth paths, and hiccups of their future. Guided only by the voice and touch of their surrounding loved ones, the couple holds hands while spiraling through the "trails" to the center of their relationship: The solid stones they stand on every day. The installation was developed in a public park as a wedding present for Katie and Juan.
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    Performances are one-of-a-kind, but can be recreated in a similar vein for exhibits and special events. Travel and lodging costs are not included in the performance fees detailed above.

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