Tara writes for publications, policy development, academics and pleasure on a range of non-fiction and fiction topics. Her journalism has been published with Alternet, among other publications and she was the winner of the International Human Rights Essay Contest. She has written academically for Columbia University and the University of Virginia and she is a lead author for numerous international environmental policies.

Tara’s non-fiction works deal with issues such as water, climate, natural resources management, gender, and community development. Her fiction reflects more personal topics, while delving into the workings of fictional minds. Take a look at her selected publications, academic writing, and non-fiction essays below.  

Academic Non-Fiction (Select Titles Below to Read and Download)


Water in the Semi-Arid: Participatory Water Management in the Brazilian Northeast, A Graduate Thesis for the Master’s in Climate and Society, Columbia University, 2005. 


Natural Resources as Power: Participatory Decision Making in Development,Seminar in Climate Change and Variability, Columbia University, 2005.

U.S. Corporate Response to Climate Change: A Cross-Sectoral Company Analysis and Review of Pre-Existing Resources, International Relations of the Environment, Columbia University, 2005. 


Participatory Water Allocation: A Survey of Definitions, Frameworks for Analysis, Seminar in Managing and Adapting to Climate, Columbia University, 2005. 


The Development of Decentralized Participatory Water Resource Allocation in the Northeast of Brazil: Institutions and Actors, Environmental Policy and Resource Management, Columbia University, 2005. 


Seasonal Prediction and Climate-Related Information in the Brazilian Northeast: Water Resource Impacts in the State of Ceará, Regional Dynamics of Climate Change and Variability, Columbia University, 2005. 


An Empirical Analysis of the Power Structure and Optimization of Water Allocation in the State of Ceará, Brazil, Data Analysis and Methodology, Columbia University, 2005. 


Natural Resource Management, Economic Systems and Sustainable Development: An Analysis of Approaches in the Northeast of Brazil, Alternative Perspectives of Developmental Economy, Columbia University, 2004. 


Redefining Water Quality Issues in Rural Haiti: An Interdisciplinary Approach, An Undergraduate Thesis for the Bachelor’s in Human Impacts on Ecosystems, University of Virginia, 2001. 


Spirituality and Truth: The Search for Order and Understanding, Shamanism, Healing, and Ritual, University of Virginia, 2001. 


Looking into the Past to Restore the Future: Raised-bed Agriculture in Aymara, Time in Globalization, University if Virginia, 2001. 


‘Invisible Boundaries, visible attributes’: Haitian Women in New York City, Kinship, Global and Local, University of Virginia, 2001.


Land and Women: The Exploitation of our Natural Resources, Transforming Everyday Life in America, University of Virginia, 2000. 


Coal, Religion and Prosperity, Transforming Everyday Life in America, University of Virginia, 2000.

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