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Artist, environmentalist &

social justice advocate.


Tara DePorte is a multidisciplinary artist, and environmental leader. Her works convey great depth in their powerful use of abstract figures and contrasting tones to explore narratives of nature, womanhood, and social change. 


Tara has an MA from Columbia University and a BA from the University of Virginia. Tara has also studied as a copyist at the Musée du Louvre and at numerous atéliers in Paris and the School of Visual Arts in NYC. She has exhibited her paintings, installations, and performances in over 10 solo shows and 30 group shows in Germany, France, Brazil, Austria, the Netherlands, and the U.S.. Her works have been seen at The Other Art Fair, Dumbo Art Fair, and Deitch Art Parade, as well as at the United Nations. Tara has created and curated countless international exhibits bringing together the arts with sparking action on climate change and social justice issues.  She was selected for a prestigious fellowship at the IMéRA Institute for Advanced Study in Marseille, France, to explore the effective employment of the arts to communicate climate issues and inspire climate action. 

Tara is a proud New Yorkers and currently lives and works in Marseille, France, with her husband and daughter. She is the proud founder of the Human Impacts Institute and is humbled every day by the creativity, innovation, love, and guts of her friends, colleagues, family, and community.

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