I must have been born an environmentalist and an artist.  In fourth grade I started our school’s first environmental club, while entering every coloring contest I came across.  It was then that I realized the excitement which comes from transforming ideas into action.  


As a teen, I spent many hours in the art studio at the science and tech magnet school where I went and worked at an eco-adventure summer camp. There, I was inspired by the value of experience-as-learning and by building connections between people and their natural environment.


After undergrad, I moved to NYC, which made sense as an artist, but many thought was an odd choice for my interest in environmental work.  My theory: it’s easy to be an “environmentalist” in a pristine, National Park, but making connections with nature in the concrete jungle, that's really bridging the gaps between society and our environment. 

In 2010, I started to think of how I could connect the different components of my life to create community around education, creativity, direct action, big policy, and the environment.  I realized I was growing as an educator, artist and environmentalist, but that I could only have so much of an impact as one individual.  In building an organization, I could work to foster a community that would take a “big picture” approach to personalizing environmental issues and inspiring action through hands-on education, collaboration, and creativity. Soon after, the Human Impacts Institute was born.


Today, I'm honored to have inspiring colleagues, friends, and family to explore with me the art and science of creating impact. 


I look forward to working with you,

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Tara DePorte

Brooklyn, NY, USA | +1.646.932.4283 | |


Professional Activities


Human Impacts Institute, Global, 2010-present, Founder and Executive Director
Develop and run an organization committed to fostering creativity in sustainability through hands-on education, policy development and research, creative engagement campaigns, leadership training, and coalition building


University Instructor, Global, 2006-present

  • Webster University, Leiden, Netherlands, 2008-present, Adjunct ProfessorDevelop and instruct Graduate and Undergraduate courses in policy, environment, human rights, and creative engagement, including: Water: The World’s Most Precious Resource, The Culture of Consumption; Sustainable Development, Gender and Natural Resources (field course in South Africa); Art as Social Change; Climate Concerns--Taking Action Beyond An Inconvenient Truth; and Climate Change, Global Warning?.

  • Syracuse University, Syracuse, USA, 2012 Visiting Instructor/ArtistDevelop and lead intensive, one-credit design workshop for undergraduate students focusing on effective visual communication of climate change issues: Creative Climate- EcoGraphics Workshop.

  • Columbia University, NYC, 2006-2012, Visiting Lecturer and Assistant TeacherDevelop, organize, and instruct classes and lectures for the Environmental Science and Policy MPA, as well as the Climate and Society MA Program including: Environmental Leadership; Environmental Careers; An Interdisciplinary Job Panel; Gender and the Energy Sector; From Idea to Action-Creating Environmental Change; Gender and Natural Resources; Communicating Science and Policy; Hydrology for Policy Students (TA); and Climatology for Policy Students (TA).

  • The New School, NYC, 2011, Adjunct ProfessorDevelop and instruct course for Undergraduate Seniors in the Environmental Studies Program concerning environmental decision-making and action, including: Environmental Leadership.


Environmental Consultant, Global, 2002-present

  • Corporate Sustainability Workshops, Global, 2006-present

    Develop and lead workshops for corporate clients on environmental topics, such as: Going Organic, Employee Engagement and Stewardship, Non-Toxic Cleaning, Waste Prevention, among others.  Each workshop is developed in line with the goals of the client. Past clients include: New York Presbyterian Hospital, Citigroup, Kiehl’s, American Express, Blue Man Group, L'Oreal, Nautica, and Ingredion.

  • Grace Church School, NYC, 2012-present

    Develop and lead program for high school faculty to incorporate sustainability learning into their classroom.

  • Harlem Education Activities Fund, NYC, 2012-2013

    Develop and lead two semester-long course for 10th-12th graders on 1) Environmental Justice and Community Leadership and 2) Water and Sanitation Issues in Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • Asian Americans for Equality, NYC, 2011-2012

    Develop and lead environmental health and leadership program and workshops for adults and teens.

  • The Canary Project, NYC and Los Angeles, 2010-2011

    Develop and lead two youth, intensive eco-design series (NYC 2010, LA 2011) on communicating environmental issues and motivating action in visual campaigns.  In partnership with Shepard Fairey, Urban Outfitters, & Exit Art.

  • Nautica, NYC, 2011

    Develop and lead two-day eco-mentorship experience for Nautica staff and urban youth, where all participants cared for urban street trees and investigated local issues around water and green space. Youth also trained in environmental consulting and employees provided job shadowing experiences, while youth provided environmental assessments and recommendations to employees.

  • Intrepid Museum, NYC, 2010

    Develop and lead environmental leadership training series for 80 urban youth of the LIFTT program, culminating in participation in the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development processes.  Program included guided research, community interviews, development of community-based campaigns and a two-day training on participating in international environmental policymaking with the Major Group for Children and Youth.

  • Women’s Earth Alliance, Global, 2006-2007, U.N. Liaison and Regional CoordinatorProjects included the development and coordination of capacity building trainings for international women participating in United Nations-sanctioned environmental conferences, development of the organization guidelines, and representation of organizational needs/goals at United Nations conferences and meetings.

  • Young Women’s Sustainability and Leadership Training, NYC, 2006-2007Developed and led a 9-month training for NYC-based, young women to lead research, data compilation, and develop key materials to aid international grassroots women with participation in the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD-15). Topics included Water and Sanitation, Energy and Air Pollution, Climate, Industrial Development and Environmental Policy.

  • Women’s Grassroots Academy: A Preparation for the Commission on Sustainable Development,  NYC, 2007Creation and facilitation of a two-day training for women in grassroots environmental movements around the world.  Mobilized numerous first-time participants from developing countries to participate in international environmental policy development.  Developed and conducted 8 month long training for 15 young women to co-facilitate training with grassroots women.

  • United Nations Development Program, 2004-2006

    • Best Practices in Water and Sanitation, Mexico City, Mexico, 2006Working under Roberto Lenton of the UN Water and Sanitation Task Force, responsibilities included research and evaluation of local-level approached to international water and sanitation programs and development of best practices recommendations for official UNDP publication.

    • Environmental Economics Program, Latin America and the Caribbean, NY, NY, 2005Work included research and published writing on Environmental Service Markets, emphasizing water resources.

    • Intern, ‘Knowledge Fair on Local Governance’, Latin America and the Caribbean, Bogotá, Colombia, 2004Responsibilities included research into LAC local governance initiatives and outcomes, revision of technical papers, and web development.

  • Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy, Columbia University, NYC, 2005Research and report on water allocation and management strategies in Latin America, particularly Brazil

  • Waste Free NYC/Inform, Inc., NYC, 2002-2003, Waste Prevention CoordinatorResponsibilities included the creation, direction, and implementation of the LES Youth Waste Prevention Program, and assistance in the coordination and implementation of citywide electronics waste recycling days.


Lower East Side Ecology Center, NYC, 2001-2010, Program Director

Develop and implement citywide environmental education programs (Climate and Energy, Water in NYC, Women’s Environmental Leadership, Waste Prevention, and Stewardship), fundraise for all education programs, partnership development, stewardship training, and events planning.  Work also includes serving as the NYC Department of Sanitation Manhattan Compost Educator, founder and implementer of NYC’s first Women in Science, and creation of the East River Park Environmental Learning Center.


Relevant Experience


Participatory Budgeting in New York City, NYC, 2013, Citywide Steering Committee Member

Selected as Steering Committee Member for the City of New York participatory budgeting process.  Responsibilities include determining citywide regulations for implementing inclusive budgeting decision-making and allocation of over US$10 million in participating City Council Districts for the 2013-2014 calendar year.


United Nations, Global, 2006-present, Major Group Representative

  • Youth - Commission on Sustainable Development, 2011, 2012; Rio+20

  • Education - Commission on Sustainable Development, 2011, 2012

  • Women - UNFCCC COP, 2011, 2012; Commission on Sustainable Development, 2006, 2007, 2011, 2012

  • NGO - Commission on Sustainable Development, 2006, 2007, 2011, 2012; Rio+20


The Climate Reality Project, Global, 2007-present Official Trainee and Presenter
Selected out of thousands to be a global representative of Al Gore’s climate change initiative


NYC Climate Coalition, NYC, 2007-present, Founder
Facilitate and house collaborative partnerships between NYC-based organizations working on issues surrounding climate change, impacts and solutions.


EcoBizNYC, NYC, 2007-2010, Founder
Developed and implement this citywide program for promoting sustainability in small businesses


United Nations Environment Program, 2011-2012, U.S. representative to North American Consultation
Selected as U.S. representative to this civil society consultation for UNEP policy and engagement.


Go Green Cooking Oil Recycling Program, NYC, 2008-2010, Project Leader

Selected as project leader by the Manhattan Borough President’s office for the training, outreach and implementation of cooking oil recycling programs in Manhattan.


Manhattan Borough President’s Office,  2008-2010, 

Steering Committee & Sustainable Business Subcommittee-Go Green LES

Selected as committee leader for greening the Lower East Side in collaboration with a diversity of local stakeholders.


Envirolution, NYC, 2008-2010, Advisory Board Member
Advisor for this national network of individuals, organizations and businesses dedicated to advancing sustainability.


Million Trees Program, City of New York, NYC, 2001-2009,

Advisory, Stewardship, and Education Committee Member
Selected as Advisory Board Member for the city-wide initiative for educating about, maintaining, and planting one million trees in New York City. Serve on both the Education and Stewardship Committees of the Advisory Board.


The White House Organic Farm Project, NYC, 2008-2009, Advisory Board Member
Advisor for this national project to promote local, sustainable food production.




University for Peace, Costa Rica, 2012, Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship
Selected as one of ten U.S. and ten Costa Rican women fellows through a partnership with the U.S. Department of State and the University of Connecticut to participate in social entrepreneurship certificate program.


Columbia University, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, 2005 Graduate

Master of Arts, Climate and Society
Cross-discipline program in collaboration with the Earth Institute, School of International and Public Affairs, and the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. Research and coursework emphasized resource management, sustainable development, interactions between social and natural systems, and the impacts of climatic change on water resources.

Relevant Coursework: Water Resources in Developing Countries and the Millennium Development Goals; Water and Sanitation in Complex Emergencies; International Relations of the Environment; Environmental Politics, Policy and Management; Alternative Perspectives on Developmental Economy; Managing and Adapting to Climate; Regional Climate and Climate Impacts; Climate Models and Natural/Human Systems; Dynamics of Climate Variability and Climate Change.
Master’s Thesis: Water in the Semi-Arid: Participatory Water Management in the Brazilian Northeast
A research initiative into arguments and observations from literature, research, and fieldwork concerning water management of the Brazilian Semi-Arid, examining management approaches, institutional development strategies, and policy development surrounding the water sector in a region plagued with water conflicts.                                                  

University of Virginia, College of Arts and Sciences, 2001 Graduate

Bachelor of Arts with Distinction
Interdisciplinary Distinguished Majors Program: Human Impacts on Ecosystems, emphasizing the integration of Biology, Environmental Sciences, and Anthropology. Minor: Studio Art with specialization in painting. 
Honors: Dean’s List Fall 98, Fall 99, Spring 99, Fall 2000, Spring 2001.

Relevant Coursework: Ecological Issues in Global Change and Ecosystems Modeling Lab; Environmental Choices; Fundamentals of Ecology; Forest Ecology and Management and Lab; Coastal Marine Ecology, Botany and Lab; Vertebrate Biology and Lab; Coral Reef Ecology/Field Biology (location: San Salvador, The Bahamas); Animal Behavior; Intro to Biology and Lab; Evolution of International Relations; Modern Central America; Kinship Global and Local; Ecology and Society; Transforming Everyday Life in America; Time in Globalization; Literature and the Environment; Shamanism Healing; Experimental Anthropology.
Honor’s Undergraduate Thesis: Redefining Water Quality Issues in Rural Haiti
Collaborated with the Haitian Center for Development and Human Resources (CDRH), Fonkozé (rural micro-lending bank), APF (Peasant Association of Fondwa), and a Cuban/Haitian Sustainable Agriculture Initiative. Research included a diversity of local and national issues pertaining to water quality and ecological restoration.  Responsibilities included water and soil analysis testing, water-source mapping, the coordination of discussion groups with local political authorities and rural workers, and leading a discussion and presentation concerning water contamination and disease as a part of the CDRH Disaster Prevention Seminar.


Awards and Honors


American Council on Germany, Global, 2012, Climate and Energy Study Tour Expert
Selected as one of seventeen U.S. participants to travel to Germany to exchange experiences with top officials in energy and climate issues. Follow-up article analyzing German’s Energiewende and lessons-learned can be seen at:


U.S. Department of State, Global, 2012, U.S. Professional Fellow
Selected as one of ten U.S. fellows to do a six month program and cultural exchange with ten Costa Rican fellows, with an emphasis on women’s empowerment and social entrepreneurship.   


24 Hours of Climate Reality, Global, 2011, Climate Expert Panelist
Selected as expert panelist for international, televised 24-hour event by the Climate Reality Project.  Was on four panels discussing climate change issues with co-panelists including Vice President Al Gore, Founder of Tree Hugger, leading climate scientists from Harvard and NASA, as well as facilitator Renee Zellweiger.


The Future We Want, Global, 2011, Panelist
Selected as panelist for this internationally televised launch of the United Nation’s official launch of their Rio+20 campaign.  Was representative of the MobilizeUS! campaign coordinated by the Human Impacts Institute.  Other panelists included UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon and the Rio+20 Secretary General. 


Moving Planet, Global, 2011, Speaker
Selected as NYC speaker for international day of climate action organized by at the United Nations.  Other panelists included President of the Maldives, Bill McKibben, and global indigenous leaders.


Greenest New Yorker, NYC, 2011, Statewide finalist


Siyanda, Global, 2011-present Global Appointee to the Gender Experts’ and Consultants’ Roster


Network 355, Global, 2010, Women Social Entrepreneurs
Honored as one of the leading, global women social entrepreneurs in sustainability.


Roger Tory Peterson Nature Education Achievement Awards Program, 2009
Blanche Hornbeck Citation for Outstanding Work in Nature Education
Selected as national leader in place-based, nature-based education. 


Women's Earth Alliance, Global, 2006, International Environmental Women’s Fellow
Selected as one of 30 women to participate in the International Grassroots Women Environmental Leaders Strategy Meeting in Mexico City, Mexico, as well as, serving as a representative to the Fourth World Water Forum. Served as one of the primary drafters of the Water Forum’s Women’s Caucus Declaration.


United Nations Development Program, Global, 2005-present
Appointed to the Gender and the Environment Expert Roster.


Surface Ocean Lower Atmosphere Study (SOLAS), Corsica, France, 2005, Summer Institute Fellow


NY Soil and Water Conservation District, NYC, 2001-2004, NY Soil and Water Conservation Steward

Hearst Endowment and the Earthwatch Institute, Barbados, West Indies, 2003

Earthwatch Education Fellow, Project: Hawksbill Turtles of Barbados
Focus on conflicts between coastal development, cultural traditions, and endangered species preservation.
River Rally, Stevenson, WA, 2003, Fellow
Participated in meetings with international representatives from river-related organizations, monitoring programs, educators, funders and cultural institutions.


Catskill Watershed Association, Catskills, NY, 2003, Catskill Watershed Education Fellow
Project: Issues in Sustainable Forestry and NYC Drinking Water


NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, 2003, Education Fellow

Project: Science & Civics Sustaining Wildlife


NY/NJ Harbor Estuary Program, 2002, Education Fellow, Project: NY/NJ Harbor Monitoring


University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, 2000-2001

  • Alumni Association, Undergraduate Achievement Grant (2001)

  • Undergraduate Research Fellowship (2000)




  • DePorte, Tara. How a Country With One of the World's Largest Economies Is Ditching Fossil Fuels, Alternet, December 19, 2012.

  • DePorte, Tara. What Is this "Clean Coal" Obama and McCain Support? Alternet, October 31, 2008.

  • DePorte, Tara. Why Aren't Americans Heads Over Heels for Our Environment? Alternet, October 23, 2008.

  • DePorte, Tara. International Human Rights and Environmental Studies, essay winner for Webster University “Year of Human Rights". "Crossing Borders”, Spring, 2009.

  • 2008 Update on Gender and Climate Change, Chapter for the DPI/NGO Climate Report for the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon. International coordinator and lead contributing author

  • Gender:  Missing Links in Financing Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, a Position Paper for UNFCCC COP 13, Bali, Indonesia, Dec2007. International co-coordinator and lead contributing author

  • Women’s Major Group Statement, U.N. Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) 15 Statement by Women on Energy for Sustainable Development & Statement by Women on Climate Change, May 2, 2007. Contributing author

  • Women’s Major Group Statement, U.N. Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) 14 Multi-stakeholder Dialogue, May 3, 2006Contributing author

  • DePorte, Tara. Talk or Action at World Water Forum? AlterNet, April 22, 2006.

  • Women’s Caucus Statement to the 4th World Water Forum, March, 2006. Lead contributing author


Language Skills:  Fluent in English.  Proficient in French and Portuguese. Basic knowledge of Spanish and Dutch.


Computer Skills:  Proficiency in water quality and soil monitoring.  Expertise in Mac and PC, Microsoft Office, Internet navigation. Proficiency in Dreamweaver and Photoshop.


Certifications and Affiliations: Center for the Advancement of Women in Business, Gender and Water Alliance, Gender and Diversity Network, UN Women’s Major Group, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Gender and Disaster Network, Gender and Climate Change Network, Women's Sustainable Development Network, Young Women in International Development, Step It UP!, NY/NJ Harbor Estuary Program Citizens Advisory Committee, NY Academy of Sciences, United Nations Volunteers Program, East River Alliance, NYC Master Composter, Foundation Center Fundraising for Nonprofits, New York State Project WILD/WET Educator, and Thomas Jefferson HS Science and Technology Alumni. 


Personal Interests and Activities: Painting, sculpting basketball, dancing, tennis, writing, cooking, and adventures.

References available upon request.

Tara DePorteArtist’s Resume

Brooklyn, NY, USA | +1.646.932.4283 | |




“Creative Climate Awards”, Human Impacts Institute, NYC

Founder and curator of international public-art installations about climate change (2011-present)



Education Artist Award, Brooklyn Arts Council, NYC



“Tara DePorte Works”, Go Brooklyn! of the Brooklyn Museum, NYC

Open studio exhibit in partnership with the Brooklyn Museum.



The Canary Project, NYC and Los Angeles, 2010-2011

Develop and lead two youth, intensive eco-design series (NYC 2010, LA 2011) on communicating environmental issues and motivating action in visual campaigns.  In partnership with Shepard Fairey, Urban Outfitters, & Exit Art.



"Heart Strings", Gitana Rosa Gallery, Williamsburg, NYC 
Solo show of recent portraits and narrative paintings.


"My Personal Angels", Webster Gallery, Leiden, Netherlands 
Solo show of portraits of close family and friends depicted as religious iconography.



"i am NOT who you want me to be", Lucas Carrieri Art Gallery, Berlin
Solo show of recent paintings and installation/performance piece.



“Double Vision, Triple Life”, Let It Bleed, Berlin, Germany
Show of new paintings and collage focusing on self-portraiture and the artists’ multiple roles in life


“Sonhos Intensivos”, Bar Bar, Natal, Brazil 
Show of new paintings focusing on dialogues between NYC and Brazil, relationships and estrangement.



“Brasil Longings”, Mama B’s, NYC
Show of new paintings focusing on self-discovery and lost relationships.



“Unknown Paths:  Choice and Chance”, Hotweather Gallery, VA 
Collection of new paintings and sculpture.


“Letting Go”, Freespace, VA   



Honorary Louvre Copyist Program, Louvre National Art Museum Paris, France

Work study: Pierrot by Watteau




“End Fossil Fuel Subsidies”, United Nations Rio+20, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Developed and led first ever flash mob performance (200+ participants from around the world) at United Nations high-level conference focused on ending global fossil fuel subsidies.


“Climate Carnival”, East River State Park, NYC

Developed and performed in site-specific piece to engage young audiences in climate change issues through a “carnival” of characters and activities including climate future telling, the climate ‘wheel of fate’, and more.



“Climate Counseling”, Times Square, NYC

Public performance piece engaging public in climate discussions at NYC’s times square.


“The Albedo Effect”, Climate Week NYC, NYC

Performance piece on climate and cities with Jacqueline Hall and Alex White (music) and film for 10 Days of Climate Action and Climate Week NYC.  



“United States of Tara”, The Showtime House, NY, NY

Performed for the “Showtime House” installation of Pod Design + Media.


"Oil Addiction", The Human Impacts Institute, Global 
Wrote and developed PSAs for oil addiction.


"Continual (Re)Growth", Flamboyan Theatre, NY, NY 
 Performance piece with Jacqueline Hall and Minoru Sakakura (music)



“Are you with me right now?”, Luxx, Berlin
 Performance art and installation piece with Mad Kate (Berlin)


“i am NOT who you want me to be”, Lucas Carrieri Art Gallery, Berlin
Envoy Gallery, NY, NY
Performance art and installation piece with Mad Kate (Berlin)


“Open Dialogues, Closed Minds”, Chelsea Studios, NY, NY 
A public dialogue on image, sex and womanhood



“Brooklyn Dreams”, Stain, Brooklyn, NY  
Fifty-foot permanent wall mural of Brooklyn cityscape



“Nesting Memories”,  NY, NY     
Interactive public installation on the East River in a city public park  


“We Grow”, Willamsburg Bridge, NYC

Large graffiti/stencil piece on plaque for bridge walkway


“Guiltees” Dumbo Arts Festival,  NYC 
Interactive advocacy art to “guilt” participants into reducing carbon emissions
Deitch Art Parade NY, NY
Performance in Hrafnhildur Arnardottir AKA Shoplifter’s Siamese Rapunzuls: The World's Longest Multi Human Hair Braid



“Love Trials”, Mission Dolores Park, San Francisco, California  
Interactive public installation in city public park to mimic the trials and obstacles of relationships




Curate NYC, international online exhibition

Selected from 1,900 submissions by guest curator Lizzetta LeFalle Collins, PhD, Manager, Visual Arts Program, Museum of the African Diaspora, San Francisco



“The Others”, Gitana Rosa Gallery, NYC


“Group Show”, Greenpoint Gallery, NYC



“Group Member Show”, 3rd Ward, NYC



“Ars Graphis”, Gitana Rosa Gallery, Williamsburg, NYC


Affordable Art Fair, NYC


Art Hampton's, Bridgehampton, NY



“Guaranteed Good”, Leo Kesting Gallery, NYC


“SEXFLIES”, IGBildente Kunst Gallery, Vienna, Austria



“We Miss You and We Love You”, Solar One, NYC



“Here and Now”, KaplaKesting Fine Art, NYC


“Closet Love” The Macy Gallery, NYC



“Vulnerability”, Asterisk Young Artist Project, NYC


“Love Has No Boundaries”, Asterisk Young Artist Project, NYC


“The Big Group Show”, S.U.N. Arts and WAMP   NYC



Frank IX Building, Charlottesville VA


Fayerweather Gallery, Charlottesville, VA



“The Really Big Art Show”, Freetime Gallery ,VA


“Anthropomorphism”, Nature Gallery, VA


“Animal Attractions”, Virginia Film Festival


SPEOS Photographic Institute Paris, France




Webster University, The Netherlands, 2010
Adjunct Professor of visual arts, courses include:  Art as Social Change


Earth Institute, Columbia University, Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, 2005 Graduate

Master of Arts, Climate and Society
Cross-discipline program in collaboration with the Earth Institute, School of International and Public Affairs, and the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. Research and coursework emphasized resource management, sustainable development, interactions between social and natural systems, and the impacts of climatic change on water resources. 


University of Virginia, 2001 Graduate

Bachelor of Arts with Distinction
Interdisciplinary Distinguished Majors Program: Human Impacts on Ecosystems, emphasizing the integration of Biology, Environmental Sciences, and Anthropology.
Honors: Dean’s List Fall 98, Fall 99, Spring 99, Fall 2000, Spring 2001.


McIntire Department of Art, University of Virginia  VA, 2001 Graduate
Minor in studio art with specialization in painting and mixed media

Arts Atélier Study

  • School of Visual Arts NY, NY

Advanced Painting, 2004 

  • Abrons Art Center, NY, NY

Ceramics Study, 2003    

  • SPÉOS Paris Photographic Institute, Paris, France, 2000  Honors in Black and White Photography

  • Atélier Betsey Damez Paris, France, 2000, Specialization in the Wacker copyist method and paint-making from raw pigments

  • Atélier Marcel Mahu Paris, France, 2000, Honors in sculpture work (mediums: clay, plaster, stone)



2009        “Umbilical Ties” 
               “In the Same Cup” 


2008        “Brooklyn Days”


2006        “The Market”




2004        “Susan and Eric”


© 2015 by Tara DePorte

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